Jan 262010

Tweet For this semi-scientific analysis I looked at 18 library membership organizations, including state and national organizations.  I did not include individual libraries or state libraries.  I did include sub-groups and divisions.  The list of organizations was chosen more or less at random and is biased towards organizations that support New England libraries.  It is by no measure a complete list, so feel free to suggest one’s that I missed. I utilized seven elements to [Read more…]

Jan 202010

Tweet What are your social media pet peeves? – Sarah K. I should have expected that someday my own questions would turn on me.  My pet peeves?  I’ll start with five, in no particular order: People who redo shortened URL’s when retweeting: It’s nice that you took the time to retweet someone, but don’t steal their stats. Membership organizations that don’t follow back:  Every person following your organization on Twitter is potentially a member, either [Read more…]

Jan 132010

Tweet “Is it inappropriate to text, twitter and/or email at dinner?” -Adam Although we may like to think that in the past mealtimes were sacred events where friends and family gathered for homemade food and witty intellectual discourse, free of technological interruptions, that likely is just wishful remembrance.  The simple fact that the television tray exists tells us that many folks like to dine by the din of the glowing box.  Plus, Murphy’s Law is [Read more…]

Jan 042010

Tweet “Is it okay to unfollow people on Twitter?  I am following someone who posts all of the time and it’s really annoying.“ -Dave S. The short answer is that if you are tweeting as an individual (as opposed to a business or organization) it’s fine to unfollow people on Twitter.  This is especially true if this person has no relation to you in your “real” life. Here are four possible approaches for this problem: [Read more…]