Feb 232010
Ask Taxonomylady: Do I need to thank people for their retweets?

Tweet This question was asked by @librarianbyday of her followers on Twitter last week.  I responded as best I could given the 140 character limit, but I believe it merits a longer post. You don’t need to feel obligated to thank people for retweeting you.  However, just because you shouldn’t feel obligated doesn’t mean it’s not a worthwhile exercise.  It’s a nice thing to do and can help you increase engagement and awareness of your [Read more…]

Feb 182010

Tweet Are you looking for an example of a great voice on Twitter?  Of all of the libraries that I follow on twitter, one in particular has stood out to me because of their amazing Twitter voice, @TotemTom.  I am thrilled to offer you this interview with the person behind @TotemTom, Nancy McNicol, the Associate Library Director at Hamdem Public Library in Hamden, Connecticut.  Kudos for the fabulous tweets, and thanks for sharing your experience! [Read more…]

Feb 162010
5 Twitter Tips for Things to Tweet

Tweet Even though tweets are short, it can sometimes be challenging to come up with something to say.  My favorite tweets are those that are personable and that tell me something more than what I could have found out on my own by surfing the organization’s website.  Here are five ideas for organizations looking to spice up their tweets. 1.  Statistics – Tweet your stats people!  How many items were checked out of your library [Read more…]

Feb 022010

Tweet Last week I was on a conference call with a client where one of the participants stated that she didn’t tweet very much because she was unsure of her Twitter voice.  She maintains the organization’s Twitter account and wanted guidance from management as to what her tone should be and what types of things she should be tweeting.  Thus far, her tweets had mainly been announcements from the organization’s website. Finding your Twitter voice [Read more…]