Sep 102010


This is the final post in the three part series (see also Part 1 and Part 2) on ARL Member Libraries and Twitter.  The goal behind these awards is to give you all the opportunity to get ideas from each other about how to manage your Twitter accounts and to inspire those who are considering, but have not yet created accounts.  Of course, this is a diverse group of libraries so what works for one may not work for another.  There are many other metrics or criteria that I could have used for evaluation, but I wanted to focus on the basics.  Enjoy!

The Bringing It All Together Award

With one click from the library homepage users can see the social media presence of these libraries across multiple branches or locations and across the web.  This makes it easy for users to quickly discover all of your profiles.

Duke University Libraries –

Pennsylvania State University Libraries –

Most Creative Twitter Username Award

These two are short (gives users more characters to work with when mentioning or replying), sweet, and to the point (memorable).

Perkins Library at Duke University  – @askref

Indiana University Libraries Bloomington – @libnlrn

Best Bio Awards

Contact Me

These bios do a great job explaining how to contact someone if you have a question.  Sometimes it is not obvious if a library is willing and able to communicate via Twitter.  If you cannot fit this information into your bio, you may want to consider changing your URL to a library page that explains how and when users can interact with you on Twitter.

Boston Public Library –@BPLBoston

New York Public Library – @nypl

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries – @UNL_Lib

Washington University in St. Louis Libraries – @WUSTLlibraries


These bios are welcoming and fun.

Ohio State University Libraries – @OSULibrary

Pennsylvania State University Libraries – @psulibs

Tulane University Library – @howard_tilton

University of Houston Libraries – @DeweyUHLIB

University of Kansas Libraries – @kulibraries

University of Washington Libraries – @uwlibraries

Best Background Award

This is a subjective award and intended to showcase the different approaches to a Twitter background.  I chose backgrounds that have one or more of the following characteristics: images that elicit an emotional response, images that convey a strong sense of place, images and colors that are consistently branded with the avatar (or the library website), backgrounds that contain additional information, or backgrounds that have a fresh modern feel.  Take a look!

Auburn University Libraries – @aulibraries

Boston Public Library –@BPLBoston

Dartmouth College Library – @DartmouthLib

Macmaster University Libraries – @maclibraries

National Library of Medicine – @medlineplus4you

Ohio State University Libraries – @OSULibrary

Oklahoma State University Library – @OkStateLibrary

Pennsylvania State University Libraries – @psulibs

Smithsonian Instiution Libraries – @SILibraries

University of Louisville Libraries – @UofLlibraries

University of Oklahoma Libraries – @OULibrarian

University of Oregon Libraries – @UOregonLibNews

University of Utah Library – @MarriottLibrary

University of Washington Libraries – @uwlibraries

University of Western Ontario Libraries – @westernlibs

Best List

Lists are a great way to let people know about all of the Twitter accounts for your libraries, organization, library staff, faculty, subjects resources, or even students.  Don’t forget to add a description!

Harvard University Libraries – @Harvard_Library

Indiana University Libraries Bloomington – @libnlrn

Michigan State University Libraries – @msulibraries

New York Public Library – @nypl

North Carolina State University Libraries – @dhhill_update

Ohio University Libraries – @AldenLibrary

Pennsylvania State University Libraries – @psulibs

Smithsonian Institution Libraries – @SILibraries

Syracuse University Library – @SULibraryLC

University of Louisville Libraries – @UofLlibraries

Washington University in St. Louis Libraries – @WUSTLlibraries

Did you get any ideas from looking at these Twitter accounts? Do you have an innovative Twitter page that you would like to share?  Let us know!