Oct 282010

Screenshot of my Favorite Tweets

Do you use Twitter Favorites?  When I started using Twitter I honestly didn’t see much of a need to favorite tweets.  As the number of people I am following has grown, and as I am often using Twitter from my phone, I have begun to find real value in this feature.  Here are some ideas for how to use Twitter Favorites.  Would love to hear how you are using them!

  • Read later: I favorite tweets with links that I don’t have time to view at the moment, as a way of ensuring that I can find them later.
  • Follow up: Sometimes I see an interesting comment or conversation going on and I can’t jump in at the time, but I want to remember to read through the tweets later and follow up.
  • Follow Friday: If I see an interesting tweet, or a tweet from someone I’d like to remember to highlight on Follow Friday, I will favorite a tweet from them as a reminder.
  • Curation: Some tweets I want to make sure I don’t lose over time, so I favorite them.

If you want to know if one of your tweets has been marked as Favorite by someone else, or if you’re interested in seeing what’s trending in Favorite tweets, check out favstar.fm.

If you want to read more about how to use Favorites, read this entry from the Twitter Help Center.

How do you use Favorites? Share your tips with us!