Nov 052010

A few days ago I noticed that I still had a MySpace profile.  I wrote myself a quick reminder to go and delete it, since I can’t remember the last time I logged in.  Yesterday, I logged into my account and poked around a bit, just to make sure that I was ready to delete.  I decided that it was time to weed my online social networking presence and say goodbye to MySpace.

Now, I’m a fairly technology savvy person and as a librarian I am happy to hunt and peck around a site to find the morsel of information that I need.  I assumed that to delete my profile I would find some sort of button thingy that said something to the effect of, DELETE.  Yeah right.  Here’s how it works:

Part 1

There are eleven steps involving activity on multiple pages. Note wording on Step 11.

Screenshot of help instructions for deleting myspace profile

Part 2

I received this response as a result of filling out the Contact MySpace webform, per their request in Steps 8, 9 and 10 outlined in Part 1 above.  Wait! Didn’t I already do Steps 1-6? Isn’t this how I ended up at Step 11 on Part 1 of my profile deletion?! Oh, I see, you need me to reply to this email.  Fine.  Done.

First MySpace email

Part 3

I guess I understand that since I am no longer a customer, MySpace no longer feels the need to participate in the relationship, but I would have preferred something more confidence inspiring.  As opposed to, we might delete your profile in a couple of hours or we might never delete it!  Great. Let me add checking my ability to login to my MySpace profile to my To Do list.

Second MySpace email

If you’ve deleted a Facebook profile, I’d love to hear if the process is equally challenging.  If there’s something that I am missing about why this process should be more laborious than a simple delete button, please let me know.  If you’re now inspired to delete your old MySpace profile, good luck!