Nov 052010
How to delete your MySpace profile

A few days ago I noticed that I still had a MySpace profile.  I wrote myself a quick reminder to go and delete it, since I can’t remember the last time I logged in.  Yesterday, I logged into my account and poked around a bit, just to make sure that I was ready to delete.  I decided that it was time to weed my online social networking presence and say goodbye to MySpace. Now, I’m [Read more…]

Nov 042010
Taxonomylady Asks: What are your thoughts on phone etiquette?

For this column, I would like to turn the tables a bit and ask you about your thoughts on phone etiquette. Is there something that irritates you when it comes to talking on the phone, voicemail, and all related voice communication activities?  Do you have a unspoken system with friends, family or colleagues for talking on the phone? This idea came to me during a conversation with a friend.  We both agreed that in our [Read more…]

Oct 282010
Four ways to use Twitter favorites

Do you use Twitter Favorites?  When I started using Twitter I honestly didn’t see much of a need to favorite tweets.  As the number of people I am following has grown, and as I am often using Twitter from my phone, I have begun to find real value in this feature.  Here are some ideas for how to use Twitter Favorites.  Would love to hear how you are using them! Read later: I favorite tweets [Read more…]

Oct 272010
Free as in libraries (not kittens or beer)

I follow libraries on Twitter, because I like to see the various ways that they are tweeting.  I often see them using Twitter to advertise their offerings, which is a good thing.  However, I am often struck by the use of the word “free” to describe services (events, databases, materials, technology). We seem to hide the cost of what takes to be a library and yet we expect our community to understand our funding needs. [Read more…]

Oct 152010
7 Questions with @ArlingtonVALib and @ArlVALibCC

Many thanks to Alex Zealand from the Arlington Public Library for participating in the 7 Questions for Libraries using Twitter series! 1. What is your Twitter username? @ArlingtonVALib and @ArlVALibCC (for college and career info) 2. Who is responsible for tweeting? @ArlingtonVALib – Me (Alex Zealand, social media coordinator) and occasionally the public information officer. @ArlVALibCC – The Business & Careers Librarian, and me (she does career, I do college with help of the Teen [Read more…]