Mar 022011
Please, take a seat.

Tweet by  Robert Scarth I’ve been following the #hcod debate with fascination and frustration. I love seeing so many people contributing to the conversation, but I am disheartened to hear people say things like, “we need a seat at the table”. We can sit at the table any time that we choose. We do not need an invitation. If you’re having a conversation or expressing your opinion about #hcod, whether electronically or in person, then [Read more…]

Oct 232009

Tweet 1.  One size does not fit all Yes, your average novel would display just fine on the fixed screen size of an eBook reader, but what about children’s books or textbooks?  Or will books simply be reformatted to fit the electronic world?  Will the concept of “book” change entirely? 2.  Durability Would I dare bring my eBook reader into the kitchen to try out a recipe from an electronic cookbook?  What about kids and [Read more…]

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