Sep 302010
Surprise or Illusion?

Tweet I love Seth Godin because his posts, although usually short, tend to linger in my thoughts.  I have been thinking about one post in particular since I read it last week: Do you actually care about privacy? I like privacy.  I’m evenly divided when it comes to surprises.  I like them when they’re good.  I don’t like them when they’re bad.  What I don’t care for is the illusion of privacy. Facebook does not [Read more…]

Sep 142010
3 Quick Tips for Library Pages on Facebook

Tweet 1.  Remove all tabs that contain zero content It can be challenging to get people excited about Facebook Pages, so when folks are interested enough in your content to click on a tab please don’t disappoint them by having nothing there.  Most tabs can be easily removed (and they can be added back at a later time if you get new content) by an administrator.  To delete a tab, just do the following: 1.  [Read more…]

Aug 282010
Yay! Even More Facebook Changes

Tweet Are you Facebook Page administrator or Facebook developer?  Are you concerned about your privacy on your personal profile? Here’s a quick post outlining what you need to know about the latest changes to the site. Facebook Places This service launched on August 18th with the typical Facebook privacy firestorm backlash. Cue flamethrower … Who, What, When, and Now…Where from the Facebook Blog The Facebook Places Privacy Settings You Need To Know from All Facebook [Read more…]

Mar 102010

Tweet “Should I set up separate work and personal accounts in social networks, or set up one for everything?” -From a question asked in this post by David Lee King The most important thing to remember is that there is no privacy on the web.  None, zip, zilch, zero.  Don’t kid yourself.  You may think that your personal Facebook page is locked down more securely than Fort Knox, but you would be wrong.  Do you [Read more…]

Jan 202010

Tweet What are your social media pet peeves? – Sarah K. I should have expected that someday my own questions would turn on me.  My pet peeves?  I’ll start with five, in no particular order: People who redo shortened URL’s when retweeting: It’s nice that you took the time to retweet someone, but don’t steal their stats. Membership organizations that don’t follow back:  Every person following your organization on Twitter is potentially a member, either [Read more…]