Ensure the success of your social media project by giving your staff the knowledge that they need to participate effectively in social media.  Workshops will be customized to meet your unique needs and most of them can be conducted either online or face to face.

Workshop Title Description Hours
Advanced Twitter In this course you’ll learn about advanced techniques, tools, and tips for getting the most out of your Twitter account. Topics covered will include the use of multiple accounts, managing followers, automated feeds, multimedia sharing, list and groups, and Twitter etiquette for libraries. We’ll also look at the best tools for managing your Twitter workflow. 2
Facebook for Libraries Overview In this course you will learn the difference between Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups, how to set up your account, and tips for engaging your community. 1
Facebook Privacy Settings: Take Control of Your Personal Profile In this one hour course you’ll learn about the privacy options available to all users of Facebook on their personal pages. These include control over your Profile, Search, News Feed and Wall, and Applications. You’ll also learn how to categorize people in order to better refine which “friends” see what information. General tips for using Facebook will also be discussed. 1
FLEA Marketing FLEA Marketing is about utilizing free social media tools to maximize engagement with your community. It consists of the following actions: Find the Conversation, Listen to the Conversation, Engage in the Conversation, and Assess the Process. This course offers an overview of each action, as well as basic ideas for using FLEA Marketing to build community with users at your institution. 4
Generation 4.0 In this course we will explore the four generations (Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y) that are currently working in our organizations (and utilizing our services!). We will examine the challenges and benefits of a multi-generational workforce – who we are, what we want out of a job, and why we don’t always understand each other. We’ll also examine our own assumptions, learn that generations may not be based solely on dates, and explore ways to work better together. 5
Library 2.0 In this course you’ll learn about Web 2.0, and how libraries are utilizing these technologies and practices into Library 2.0. We’ll examine how library services fit into this new user-centric world where dynamic Web-based tools, online communities where everyone is an expert, and the ability to personalize everything drive one’s information seeking and sharing environment. Come see how Library 2.0 is being envisioned, the tools that make it work, and how it will affect everything that you do. 4
Managing Gen X and Gen Y Is managing Generation X and Generation Y often a challenge? Learn the characteristics of these generations, how they view work, their communication preferences, and what you can do as a manager to get everyone working better together. 2
Personal Branding What does the web say about you? In this course you’ll learn how to create and manage your personal brand on sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Slideshare. Discover how to integrate your message across sites, how to maximize your brand equity, and network with like-minded professionals. 2
Presentation Tips & Tricks This course is designed for people who want to gain skills, experience, and confidence in giving presentations. I will teach you the tips and tricks for creating and giving effective presentations that I have learned over nearly a decade of presenting. We will also discuss the science behind effective presentation skills. 2
Social Media Searching In this course you’ll learn the best websites to visit to set up automated social media searches. Track what is being said about your library, your organization, your favorite topic, or even yourself! By automating the process across a wide variety of sites and platforms, you will save time, and be able to quickly respond to questions, concerns, or kudos. 1
Twitter Basics In this course you’ll learn the basics of using Twitter. Topics covered will include @replies, direct messages, hashtags, and retweets. Learn how to find people to follow and search for information about your organization or interests. Discover the best Twitter tools that allow you to easily join and filter the conversation. General tips and etiquette for using Twitter will also be discussed. 2
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